Intuitive Business Mentorship

Exclusive Project Partnership

:: the world needs what you've got ::


Intuitive Business Mentorship

Exclusive Project Partnership

:: the world needs what you've got ::

Intuitive business mentorship for socially conscious womxn entrepreneurs

Are you ready to discover the heart and soul within your business?

Hi! I’m Ashley Dawn, I work with inspiring, socially conscious womxn entrepreneurs to help them manage their business, brand and projects so they can focus on doing their meaningful work in the world, making their change, and creating their art…I do this through providing practical strategy, guided by intuitive techniques…for tangible results.

I have over 10+ years working in the corporate environments managing multi-million dollar contracts on major projects...I bring a wealth of experience managing everything from small mundane daily tasks to executing complex projects…I’m a natural multi-tasking intuitive with sound business knowledge and deep devotion to soul-centered vision...

My approach to business is holistic, in that it weaves my 10+ years of professional and corporate business experience + my work as a Healing Arts Practitioner. My past work in the healing arts primarily focused on intuition development and healing the intuitive feminine…whereas, my current work is devoted to trauma resolution and grief and loss support coaching.

My work supports entrepreneurs to further their vision…

Working together may be for you if...

  • You value intuition as a guiding resource in your life

  • You desire to use your gifts, your work, in service to others and contribute to society in a meaningful way

  • You desire to deepen into your instinctual self to better serve your business and clients

  • You have meaningful work to do in the world and ideas to be birthed into being…

  • You are called to create impact, lead from the wisdom within, and do the work you have been called to do…


…running a business is a lot of work, especially when you’re an solo-entrepreneur, small business, the visionary and the creative wanting to focus on your craft…

…your a change-maker with bigger things to do than be bogged down by the mundane, time consuming tasks that entrepreneurship’s affecting you, your business and how you’re showing up in all areas of your life...

That’s where I come in…I’m taking everything I know and offering it to you…

This is some of my best work yet...Think, root support that’s required for you and your business to bloom…

In our work together, I can help you…

  • Create sustainable business systems and solutions that work for you…

  • Gain clarity on the bigger purpose and vision for your business and how it aligns to your soul path, values, and desired lifestyle…

  • Set up your 6-12 month marketing editorial calendar for business and personal life

  • Develop your intuitive decision making abilities to make better choices for you, your business and your clients…

  • Learn how to use divination tools and techniques that support your business

  • Intuitively designed brand identity overhaul or re-vamp

  • Get intuitive information for your website

  • Gain deeper direction for your offerings + pricing

  • Clarity for your copy and content that connects

    :: Practical strategy guided by intuitive techniques ::

Mentorship may lead to...

  • Awakened intuitive abilities and creative gifts

  • An immense feeling of returning home to your soul-self

  • Experiencing wholeness, integrity and moving more lovingly and confidently in the world

  • Feeling less overwhelmed and uncertain in areas of your business that are giving you a headache…

  • An intuitive, spiritual and energetic connection to your ideal clients

  • A brand that feels authentic to you

  • Your website, copy, and content that deeply connects to your target audience in a non-icky typical marketing way

Your Intuitive Business Mentorship Investment:

  • 3 month minimum partnership

    • Monthly payments: $1200

    • *Payment plans available upon request

Your Investment Includes:

  • Initial 30 minute discovery call

  • A 3 month minimum commitment

  • 6x 90 mins. bi-weekly mentorship sessions

  • All program materials + workbooks

  • Asana task board + compassionate accountability

  • Weekly email support in-between sessions


:: I can hold your vision and you can trust my process ::

Are you ready to discover the heart and soul within your business?



Wounds to Wisdom Mentoring



Wounds to Wisdom
:: trauma-informed mentorship ::




Wounds to Wisdom Mentoring



Wounds to Wisdom
:: trauma-informed mentorship ::




It's time to tend to your trauma and emerge from your experience.  


This is a chance to transform your story.

Wounds to Wisdom...for Wellness, is a one-one trauma-informed mentorship and guided self-healing program, where we work intimately and in-depth over the course of a minimum of 3 months in-person or online.

This work is deeply transformational and intended to look at loss, tend to the trauma, and heal the past story or stories you’ve been holding in your body and carrying through life. Sessions will be personalized for you and for where you’re currently at in your healing journey.

We have to feel it to heal it...


Have been through some shit, and the fact is, life just sucks sometimes. 

You received the news of...

  • death

  • illness

  • infertility

  • heartbreak

  • loss of pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage) 

  • or you've been affected by someone you love being in-prisoned

Trauma, grief and loss can stem from many of life's woes...

  • domestic violence or abuse

  • the loss of self, soul or a dream

  • loss of a job

  • financial crisis

  • stress and burnout 


It changes everything, including you

These tender times are often devastating, soul-shaking and taumatic. The person you once were, you're no longer...for better or worse, the way you move through the world has been altered forever...

My work is to help you minimize the grief and transform those Wounds to Wisdom...for your Wellness.


You're also...

  • ready to turn your pain into purpose and reclaim your power

  • no longer a victim...of your past and in your current life

  • feeling the pains of your past wounds that have left your spirit weakened or broken

  • your pain has manifested itself into physical illness or a range of health issues (including: isolation, anxiety, depression, loneliness, anger, and guilt to name a few...)

  • conscious of how your inner life reflects your outer world and you feel ready to release the story you’ve been holding...and that's holding you back from your joy

  • you feel a sense of fear or hesitation to re-live your experience through this mentorship and would rather "just not go there"…then this is something you might want to discuss more in depth in person.   

Let me remind you, that your trauma, pain, suffering, grief and loss are Initiations.


“Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness.” 

- Eckhart Tolle

Together we will...

  • transform your story...from Wounds to Wisdom

  • identify how the past is showing up in the present

  • craft grief rituals with intention to allow you to move through grief more gracefully

  • practice forgiveness and release pernicious thoughts

  • break through the emotional barriers that are keeping you from living fully in the present

  • allow space to truly grieve. Be witnessed in you’re pain, loss, suffering, trauma, hurt, heartbreak, and despair within a safe space

  • work on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels to live in a more harmonious relationship with yourself and others

  • learn to trust that the experiences you’ve lived have been in service to your souls path

  • navigating the new you and the unfoldment of your life moving forward


Your Investment:

  • Single Payment: $1700 (USD)

  • Two Payments: $1750 (USD)

  • *Payment plans are available upon request


“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become”

– Carl Jung



Individual Sessions



Medicine Sessions

:: the transformational journey your soul's been yearning for ::




Individual Sessions



Medicine Sessions

:: the transformational journey your soul's been yearning for ::




Intuitive Soul Session

“The point I think is to find each other and feel”
– Rupi Kaur


Your soul knows exactly what it needs and wants; we’ll start here.

For our intuitive soul session you'll set an intention and allow whatever needs to arise, rise. This is your journey and exploration of truth. I am here to help guide and facilitate your experience and self-healing journey.

Depending on what is needed, together we may…

  • Through trance work I will gently guide you into an experience that has been waiting for you

  • Work intuitively and energetically to uncover any limiting beliefs, blocks, fears, unresolved issues and/or stagnant emotions

  • Receive guidance and gain clarity through intuitive readings

  • Release and cultivate creativity through somatic and embodied movement and expressive arts practices

  • Reconnect to your souls purpose and higher self through guided inner exploration

Guided Trance Journeys

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”
– Carl Jung


In this session you will be guided to access altered states of consciousness and journey into non-ordinary realities to unveil what lies within.  Trance is a way to access spiritual and soul guidance, receive information, healing, visions, and insights for our everyday lives. Intentions of one's journey are personal and will be discussed prior to our session.

Shadow Work

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”
– Carl Jung



According to Carl Jung, our shadow is the parts of ourselves that we try to hide and deny. Shadow work is the work, where our truest self transcends.

In this session you will be gently guided to journey into your deepest depths and locate the shadows you may or may not be aware of. You will be guided to call upon and confront your shadows with reverence. We may use techniques such as past life regression to uncover hidden truths, healing, information, and retrieve memories or past experiences for your current consciousness. In closing the session we will work together to honour and integrate the depths of the shadow teachings.

Ashley has been a healing light for me when everything looked dark. She is that someone who listens without judgment and will touch the depths of your soul without you even noticing. Even in the most subtle ways she always lifts my spirit. I love you Ashley!
— Elvira Contreras



















Magic happens when women gather in circle.

Our sisters become our mirrors and allow us to see what we may have not been able to see on our own, where their visions and expressions invoke our own. We gather to share the wisdom and earth-based practices that have been bestowed upon us (or that we've mastered ourselves). In Sisterhood we celebrate one another in our most divinely feminine essence.

The vision behind SIS is primarily focused on collaborative efforts and co-creating real sisterhood through community offerings. Our desire is to create a sacred space and safe container for woman to intimately bare their souls and share their skills. This is your place to be fully seen, heard and your time to rise and shine! At SIS Gathering we dance, sing, and play. We gather to learn, honour and bless our offerings upon our fellow soul sisters.  

Join SIS below to keep up to date for our 1st 2017 Annual Gathering.