Intuitive Soul Session

“The point I think is to find each other and feel”
– Rupi Kaur



Your soul knows exactly what it needs and wants; we’ll start here.

For our intuitive soul session you'll set an intention and allow whatever needs to arise, rise. This is your journey and exploration of truth. I am here to help guide and facilitate your experience and self-healing journey.

Depending on what is needed, together we may…

  • Through trance work I will gently guide you into an experience that has been waiting for you

  • Work intuitively and energetically to uncover any limiting beliefs, blocks, fears, unresolved issues and/or stagnant emotions

  • Receive guidance and gain clarity through intuitive readings

  • Release and cultivate creativity through somatic and embodied movement and expressive arts practices

  • Reconnect to your souls purpose and higher self through guided inner exploration


Guided Trance Journeys

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”
– Carl Jung


In this session you will be guided to access altered states of consciousness and journey into non-ordinary realities to unveil what lies within.  Trance is a way to access spiritual and soul guidance, receive information, healing, visions, and insights for our everyday lives. Intentions of one's journey are personal and will be discussed prior to our session.


Shadow Work

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”
– Carl Jung



According to Carl Jung, our shadow is the parts of ourselves that we try to hide and deny. Shadow work is the work, where our truest self transcends.

In this session you will be gently guided to journey into your deepest depths and locate the shadows you may or may not be aware of. You will be guided to call upon and confront your shadows with reverence. We may use techniques such as past life regression to uncover hidden truths, healing, information, and retrieve memories or past experiences for your current consciousness. In closing the session we will work together to honour and integrate the depths of the shadow teachings.


Ashley has been a healing light for me when everything looked dark. She is that someone who listens without judgment and will touch the depths of your soul without you even noticing. Even in the most subtle ways she always lifts my spirit.
— Elvira Contreras