About Luna Dawn

Welcome, I'm Ashley. I created Luna Dawn to support women who are at the crossroads of their transformation. Together we work in the realm of the sacred and healing arts in honor of personal, planetary, and collective healing.

At Luna Dawn:

  • Our intuition is a vehicle for self-expression; it is the voice of our souls.

  • We learn to incorporate the sacred into our everyday lives and find our magic in the mundane.

  • We reconnect to the wisdom within and join forces to create waves of change that ripple through our communities.

Are you ready to honour your intuitive self?




Professional Bio

Ashley Bailey is the creator and visionary behind Luna Dawn and Sisters in Shine, an organization devoted to shining light on women with causes and women's issues. 

As an intuitive mentor and teacher in the holistic and healing arts, she will help you reconnect to your heart path and re-awaken the wise and wild intuitive feminine creator you are. 

Her love for nature and the sacredness of earth wisdom began at a very young age. Raised on Vancouver Island, also known as, the spirit of the west, she spent most of her childhood outdoors connecting with the natural world. She believes that when we reclaim our intuition we reclaim our power as conscious creators and can heal the intuitive feminine, in turn, shifting the collective consciousness for the betterment of all. 

As a lifelong student, she continues to journey inward as a devotee to spirit, self discovery and the sacred mystery of life. She is passionately committed to healing the feminine, serving the collective and living a life rich in meaning.

Working with Ashley has been such a positive and life changing experience for me. During our sessions together we worked through lots of buried emotions allowing myself to open more doors to an even deeper healing. Ashley is extremely passionate about her work and it shows through her devotion to her clients. I look forward to continuing our work together and tapping in even deeper to my truth.
— Lena Brewer